Holistic sleep consulting 

   There is a saying that calims that whoever invented the phrase :"sleeps like a baby" wasn't a parent...

   One of the most unpleasant surprises in the beginning of my way as a mother to a baby (now she is 4 years old),were the    sleepless nights which led to feelings of frustration, failure as a parent and mainly beeing helpless 

   During the sleep process I went through with my daughter, I realized that the main reason for the situation was the              fact that like many other parents I assumed wrongly that babies simply have sleeping problems and that the situation can't    be changed .

   I reached that assumption mainly because I lacked the right tools to change wrong habits and patterns.


   Eventually ,it was all for the best and the sleeping process I went with my baby helped me develop a way to help you new    parents (and experienced ones as well)  achieve a good night's sleep for your children and not less important –

   a good night's sleep for yourselves .

  The medical importance of a good night sleep that provides mental and physical development for young children is     well    known and has been studied thoroughly.

   Acquiring healthy sleeping habits that will accompany the child through his childhood and adolescence.


   There is no reason to be conducted out of desperation, fatigue and frustration,when the solution is so accessible and          simple

  Sleep consulting in the holsitic way 

  During the sleep process I help and guide the parents how to achieve a state that will enable a healthy, right and a pleasant   sleeping experience while creating a positive and fun atmosphere for baby and the parents.


  The sleep process acquires the baby or child :
  •  To change wrong sleeping habits


  •  For the child  to sleep continuously throughout  the  night


  •  To encourage the baby to  fall asleep on his own  and by  his own will