Treatments for Teenagers

We are all familiar with the phrase "This is the best time of your life; you'll miss it one day...."

Years later we may look back on our teenage years with nostalgia, but adolescence is definitely complicated, both on a physical and emotional level.

The body experiences hormonal changes that may damage one's self-image: too tall, too short… Questions arise about social status, the future and the world as a whole, questions that aren't always answered.


The transition from childhood to adulthood was never easy, and it seems that nowadays it is even more complex.

Childhood ends at a younger age than it did in the past.

The media, environment and society have a huge effect on a teenager's self image.

If we add in youthful rebellion against parents and the education system, we get a very confusing time for young adults.

On the other hand, this can also be a time of empowerment and growth, an age where teens are not children focused on their primary needs anymore, when they begin to open up to the world and ask questions.



Typical Problems for Teenagers

1. Skin Problems: one of the most common; a sebaceous glands imbalance, usually hereditary and hormonal, causing facial pimples called "Acne". However, this physical ailment doesn't have any health implications, besides the appearance of blemishes, which can be treated with antibiotics (prescribed for severe cases).
For most teenagers, acne disappears around the age of 18, but during this period of time- in their teenage years, which is critical to the forming of self image, acne can cause frustration and insecurity.

2. Weight Gain: caused by hormonal changes, nutrition that doesn't meet the body's needs and too much time spent inactive (sitting in from of the computer and studying). Over weight can have a negative effect on a teenager's health as well as harm one's self image.

3. "Moods": A general term for emotional situations cased by a variety of reasons: social situations, hormones, nutrition, school related stress, unrequited love, concern about the future and natural confusion stemming from adolescence. These situations can fluctuate from a bad mood that passes a few hours later to tantrums, hiding from the world and actual depression that teenagers may experience throughout adolescence.

4. Growing Pains: Pain suffered by man teenagers that usually appears in the lower extremities, with no specific physiological diagnosis. Medical assumptions regarding the pain are overworked muscles (though no substantial difference has been found between physically active and inactive teenagers) as well as the nervous system not matching the growing body, especially during a growth spurt. These pains disappear about six months after they begin. Though the pain itself doesn't have a long term effect on one's health, the teenager may adopt poor posture to avoid placing any weight on sore areas.

5. Attention Disorders: ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be caused by genetics, the child's environment, poor nutrition, the nature of a child's relationship with its parents and connection to the learning environment, and many others.


What is the benefit of holistic treatment for teenagers?

With the help of holistic treatments, we can overcome teenage problems through conversation, physical treatments, acquiring nutritional habits,

correct posture and movement. We must remember that teenagers are more prone to over sensitivity, sensitivities that may case emotional and energetic traumas that will effect their physical situation as well as their perception of the world.


As parents, if you sense a substantial change in your teenager's behavior, such as: depression, tantrums, decreased general motivation and school achievement, drastic appetite fluctuations (increased eating or avoiding food), withdrawal and attention disorders, holistic treatment can help.


In most cases, your child is absolutely fine and is simply responding intensely to the changes he or she is experiencing.

A supportive treatment framework can solve most of the problems stemming from these situations and get your teenager back on track, equipped with new coping tools.


In addition, holistic treatment can induce a calmer behavior, help them lay the foundations for healthy life style habits, adopt a positive body image and provide new tools while answering questions that may arise in the process.


Holistic treatment for teenagers isn't just treatment, it's also getting to know their best friend who will accompany them on their journey- to meet themselves!

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