Holistic Treatments for Couples

People around the world wish for an intimate relationship and there is nothing quite similar to the feeling of love experienced by two individuals.

 However, many of us experience difficulties in our relationships: communication, sexuality, the ability to feel loving and loved and the ability to feel intimacy

Relationships with conflicts aren't doomed or a dead end. The conflicts can be solved with a willingness to listen, openness, honesty, a mutual attempt to truly see and understand each other, and of course the ability to love.

Holistic treatment for couples is meant to enable both partners to make a positive change in their lives together:

Learning how to open one's heart, practicing and receiving new communication tools, seeing the wants and needs of one's spouse, changing the habits and patterns that put a strain on the relationship in order to enable intimacy, honesty and allow love to bring them together.

Couple's holistic treatment is a wonderful way to empower the relationship and build solid foundations as a couple and as individuals, foundations that will help them face the obstacles they may encounter throughout life: personal challenges such as self realization or job searches, as well as joined challenges such as parenthood or buying an apartment.


Love as a Basis for personal development

When a couple uses the power of love and learns to look beyond the social structure of a relationship (family gatherings, wedding, buying a house…) to an intimate, spiritual and energetic relationship, they are able to begin a personal and mutual process creating an endless cycle of development and growth.

The art of love is one of the most powerful and infinite tools we know: learning to love ourselves and our partners, fulfilling our potential to love and be loved, are all an important foundation of our treatment and process.


Couple's treatment for finding a relationship

In this day and age, singles may feel it's impossible to find a relationship. We're tired of failed relationships, of futile dates and being to accept the loneliness. In these sessions we focus on locating the energetic obstacles created by previous emotional injuries affecting us in the present, releasing ourselves from patterns and creating tools to build up a relationship with various methods including conversation, guided imagery, contact and more. The treatment will help create a more stable energetic and emotional foundation, enabling the patients to treat themselves and their potential partners with more tenderness, avoid being judgmental and able to give and receive in a balanced manner.


Treatment for Couples Experiencing a Crisis

We aren't afraid of crises. When a couple is in crisis and seeks couple's treatment, it proves their positive mutual desire to build, set their ego aside and ask for help. In Chinese, the words "crisis" and "opportunity" are pronounced identically. A crisis is often just a step up on the way to the next developmental stage in life or a relationship as well as an opportunity to discover new modes of communication and personal or mutual unexpected expressions.


Which tools are used in couple's holistic treatment?

In couple's holistic treatment we examine the modes of communication in the relationship: both the conscious and the sub-conscious.

We use a variety of tools, such as compassionate communication, guided imagery, psychodrama, contact conversation and many more, according the needs that arise throughout the treatment.

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