Holistic Massage


Holistic Massage is a real pleasure for both the body and the soul.


Similarly to any massage system, it treats the tensions and stress that accumulate in the muscles and provides physical relief and a pleasant sensation.

However, in addition to the medical-physical massage, the holistic massage also heals the soul.

Holistic massage gives the patient the space they need to express themselves through their body

while remaining aware of the needs that arise throughout the massage, such a pain on a physical or emotional level.


Similarly to any other holistic treatment, holistic massage sees the body and soul as a single unit. Listening to the body and treating the physical stresses will improve the patient's emotional and mental functioning and will help avoid diseases and physical problems so that our life circle remains vital, open and flowing.


Holistic massage – body maintenance

When we introduce holistic massage into our schedule we are helping strengthen our body, immune system and soul as well as preventing the accumulation of problems that might manifest as a disease.
Addressing the stress accumulating in our body enables us to feel good about or body, relax and feel renewed vital energies.

In modern life, when we are exposed to stress daily, we recommend adding massage to your schedule.

When the body is sick, conventional medicine can address the existing physical problem.

But many patients may find it difficult to recover.


A treatment based on medicine will provide an immediate solution (one should not avoid proper medical treatment) but in addition, if we want to provide a long term solution, find the problem's source as well as provide the patient with the necessary calm or ease that will expedite and complete the healing process, holistic massage will definitely help.


How does holistic massage work?

 We can adjust the specific treatment according to the patient's needs and desires.

The massage combines pressing, deep tissue massage, oils, Reiki, healing, bio energy and more.









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