Holistic Treatments for Babies and Children

Babies and children are in one of the most critical stages of life, when their physical, immune and emotional systems are being constructed and require a warm and supportive environment so they can grow up and become happy, healthy adults.


At a younger age children are most vulnerable to physical and energetic changes, both in themselves and in their environment, but their language skills are not developed enough to express distress. Parents can sense their children's pain or emotional difficulty, but without the proper communication, they will struggle to identify the source.


Children are very impressionable, but they also respond quickly and effectively to treatments.

At younger ages they are not judgmental and lack a filtering system that determines what they are or aren't willing to accept, which is why holistic treatment may prove beneficial in improving their moods, development and health.


Holistic treatment will help locate blocks (if any exist) and treat them effectively to avoid long term effects.

The treatments enable the child and parent to acquire tools in order to maximize the developmental potential, deepen their communication and create a healthy and open environment together.

 Every child develops at an individual pace, which is why following books and schedules alone isn't recommended, and being aware and attentive is equally important. After all, parents know their children better than anyone else,


The connection between parents and children

When a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, it is physically and emotionally separated from its parent

 while a parent will discover that its child has its own personality and wishes the very moment it's born.


However, the lack of verbal communication, which parents are used to as adults, may make it difficult to understand the infant's wishes and needs.

There are things that every baby experiences, like stomach aches and gas, teething, etc. holistic treatments include the parents

and help them become more aware of the nuances in their child's behavior and identify the processes they experience such as learning boundaries and the development of self-awareness.


Holistic treatment provides parents with tools such as contact and compassionate communication that will help the child's development and strengthen the bond between parent and child

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