Bio -Energy 



 Bio-Energy is based on the realization that every living body has energy forces that are crucial to their proper functioning. When the body and the soul are healthy, the energy circles flow harmoniously and without any blockages, but when there is an obstruction or illness, the energy systems are weakened. Energy blocks that are not identified and treated, will create a closed circle and the energy in the body will not be able to flow freely.


Bio -Energy History



Bio – Energy has existed long before it was named by man. All humans transmit a certain energetic field according to their mental, emotional and physical state.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Bio-Energetic fields were officially identified by the scientist Wilhelm Reich, who practiced medicine and psychology as well as what we now call "holistic medicine" (meaning – treating a person as a whole where every part, be it physical or emotional, affects the functioning of the other parts).


Reich researched the ability to measure his patients' energetic frequencies and identify obstruction centers. He built what he called an "accumulator" to measure the energetic vibrations of the energy which Reich named "orogone". In the 1950s, Reich, who had moved to the USA fleeing Europe in World War II, was persecuted by the American medical institutions in light of his outspoken criticism of the medical practices acceptable at the time (which completely contradicted the energetic concept and only treated the body), and due to his political involvement with the Communist Party.


In addition to his work as an innovative doctor and devoted scientist, Reich was extremely stubborn and refused to be tested by the FDA to receive his American medical certification. His refusal led to a trial resulting in Reich's two year prison sentence as well as the FDA destroying the energy vibration testing machines he built. Only one machine survived and is now displayed in the Wilhelm Reich Museum. On November 3rd, 1957, at the age of 60 and while incarcerated and awaiting his parole hearing, Wilhelm Reich died of heart failure.

By the '80s, Reich's research was nearly forgotten. Only when Western culture began to be re-exposed to spiritual and energy ideas, while researchers examined the connection between the body, mind and soul, did the medical discussion of Reich's work resume.

Nowadays many attempts are being made to develop instruments that will identify Bio-Energetic blocks but one that is widely considered reliable has yet to be found. In addition, there are therapists who use the traditional method of moving a pendulum over the patient's body, locating obstructions through its movement. In general, we have witnessed more and more conventional doctors acknowledging the symbiosis between body, mind and soul.

Bio -Energy What are the main principles of Bio – – Energy, what is the diagnosis and treatment process?

The basic principle of Bio-Energy is that every cell in our body has a life of its own that affects the whole and that every cell has a memory. When the cell's memory is traumatic, the energy circles surrounding that organ are affected, which causes energy blocks. [Soft Break]
The treatment heals the affected energy circles in order to cure and prevent illness.

Bio Energy is both an energetic and a physical form of treatment. The effect on the body's energy circles will initiate the healing process. Bio-energy treatment free a patient from chronic conditions caused by low energy flow, energy blocks, aid in the recovery from operations and accidents, as well as locating the source of recurring problems.

Many ailments are caused by energy blocks. If one suffers from a recurring problem, a form of chronic pain with no clear source or even weight gain that isn't solved despite extensive dieting, it is possible that the cause is energetic.

One of the widely acceptable Bio energy treatment methods today was developed by Rafi Rosen and includes an eyelid examination called Biorgonomy. The treatment is an energetic treatment that is conducted without contact. Bio energy treatment can be combined with other treatments such as Reiki and psychotherapy.







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