Body\Mind\Energy Balancing

Body\Mind\Energy Balancing is a general term for a wide variety of treatments that combine conversation and contact. In  Body\Mind\Energy Balancing we are guided by the understanding that physical problems and illnesses are often caused by emotional and energetic distress that affect the mental state, creating a cycle. In Body\Mind\Energy Balancing we address all of these levels so the healing occurs fully, while addressing the person as a whole.

One may feel mental distress when the physical pain is connected to emotional obstructions.

Modern medicine deals with this connection. For example – it is known that thyroid imbalances cause fatigue and have a negative effect on motivation; iron and B12 deficiencies may lead to depression. Body\Mind\Energy Balancing holistic treatments are based on this connection and provide a combined solution for a number of effects.


Who can benefit from Body\Mind\Energy Balancing?

Anyone with a physical or emotional difficulty that requires counseling, advice and professional treatment. Anyone looking to begin a healing process on a emotional level or a process that involves growth, development and the acquisition of new tools for personal empowerment to make a real change in their lives.

Which treatment techniques are considered Body\Mind\Energy Balancing?

As a matter of fact, there isn't one, single specific treatment method that fits this description. Body\Mind\Energy Balancing is based on a combination of touch and conversation methods that provide a solution for both the physical and the emotional levels. Any treatment method with a holistic point of view of the body, mind and soul connection is considered a Body\Mind\Energy Balancing treatment method.

Therapists who come from a physical treatment background and are looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of Body\Mind\Energy Balancing are required to study the emotional and mental field, such as psychotherapy. In the Body\Mind\Energy Balancing field you will also find an affinity to Guided Imagery, which allows one to touch upon the deeper points of the mind as well as empower the body's natural healing power.

Body\Mind\Energy Balancing is a wonderful tool for a healthy and balanced life style that benefits the patient for a

 long period of time after the actual treatment is completed

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