Energy Treatments for Animals

Household pets are man's best friends.


Sometimes it seems like the deep and direct connection is mostly based on a wordless relationship, which makes space for the deepest emotion and sensory communication. At times it seems that our dog or cat understands us completely, but do we understand them just as well?


Similarly to any mammal, our pets are prone to physical illness or emotional situations.


However, unlike human communication, an animal cannot identify the cause of discomfort though it is clear to us, their owners, that the animal is suffering.

Without a veterinarian's diagnosis, we can't always tell what is causing our pet's discomfort. When the cause is a minor illness, a vet's examination won't identify any physical problems, but now we know that pets suffer from depression, separation anxiety as well as energy drops which affect their general health.


Energy treatments for animals, using biorgonomic diagnosis and Reiki, can locate the source of the pet's pain and begin an effective treatment process.

 Even in cases where the pet has already been diagnoses and is being treated by a vet, energy treatments can help speed up their recovery and prevent its recurrence.


Since animals don't have a judgment system, they feel in a total and intense way, which is why the energy treatments have a very strong effect on them.

In fact, energy treatments are a very natural step in man/animal relations, since it expresses that non-verbal communication in the purest way.


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