Holistic Treatments for Premature Babies  

Birth is one of the most joyous events of life. The long process of creating life in the womb ends and becomes a baby with an autonomous life system.

Sometimes the process of birth ends with a premature birth or a small underdeveloped baby,

born before the 37th week of pregnancy or weighing less than 2 kilograms.

Modern medicine allows us to continue a high risk pregnancy longer, but we're not always able to carry the child full term and the baby is born prematurely. The medical world is well prepared to deal with premature babies and high percentages of premature babies survive the first stage of life and leave the hospital as healthy babies who become happy children.

The premature stage is difficult for babies who face infections and diseases due to their premature birth. Their bodies have emerged early, before all the systems that enable a healthy baby to face the world outside the womb have formed completely.

This period of time is also difficult for the parents: the uncertainty and concern for the baby's health, which can fluctuate, the travel back and forth between the hospital and home is not easy and may exhaust the parents. One of the things that can help is energy treatment.


How does the energy treatment help?

The tiny baby lying in the incubator is still very similar to a fetus, but in fact, it is now a person with completely independent systems and organs, though they are underdeveloped. A premature baby's tiny body is extremely sensitive and any infection, minor as it may be, will affect the premature baby's physical and emotional development when the medical treatment is completed. The premature baby needs an environment that simulates the womb (incubator) and sterile conditions to prevent infections so it can continue to develop properly, since its immune system is highly vulnerable at this stage.

Energy treatment enables the systems to renew, allowing them to rebuild the energy circles and significantly strengthen the baby's immune system so that all its resources can be focused on the vital growth and gaining of strength.


The energetic / energy treatment is also very important for the parents:

The baby is not attached to the mother through the umbilical cord anymore, but the circular influence between them still exists. Treating the mother allows her to relate to her own energy, feel refreshed and contain herself and her child. In addition, there is a very important element which is the mother's touch that helps the baby feel secure and protected, connected to its mother even outside the womb (every baby needs this, but a premature baby needs this especially since it was born earlier) as well as helping the mother provide protection and security and feel closer to the baby who's in an unnatural and disconnected environment.

A number of researches show that premature babies who've experienced the incubator stage without physical contact may develop a fear of abandonment when they are older.

The mother plays a key role in the process of strengthening and supporting the baby, since part of the baby's diet relies on mother's milk (either through direct breast feeding or breast pumping) that's affected by the mother's emotional and physical state. In other words, when the mother is balanced, her positive effect on the baby is stronger.

The treatment has a positive effect on the mother's emotional state and enables her to give her tiny baby all the physical, emotional and energetic resources in order to get them released from the hospital, as a healthy baby, as fast as possible.

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