Biorgonomy treatment, similarly to bio-energetic treatment, is also based on the acknowledgment of energy blocks affecting the mind, body and soul that work in synergy. Biorgonomy refers to the advanced method developed by Rafi Rozen which is based on Wilhelm Reich's bio-energetic researches, taking them one step further.

The name of this treatment is made up of two words: bio – life and orgone- the energy stored in every cell in our body (as identified by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, developer of the Bio-Energy method.

In Biorgonomy there is an emphasis on the diagnostic method which is conducted using the most sensitive and sophisticated instrument known to mankind – the human body. Part of the technique consists of the blinking method treatment – using the eyelids enables the healer to identify any sensitivity to fluctuations which can point to the source of the energetic obstructions. This allows the healer to begin treatment after a full diagnosis, with a deep understanding of the obstruction's exact source.


Development of the Biorgonomic method

Rafi Rozen who developed the method, was very interested in Wilhelm Reich's research. However, over time he realized it would be extremely difficult to build a machine, independent and separate from the body, which would be as sensitive as the body itself. Rozen searched for the most sensitive part of the body and (after years of trial and error) discovered it to be the eyelids.

In fact, this method could be used by anyone, not just certified healers. Practicing this technique can enable people to learn to identify the energetic effects on themselves, to understand why there are some days when you feel good and others when you don't feel as good. This method enables the identification of the energy obstruction source, the systems it affects and how it can be treated.

Similarly to many holistic therapy methods, biorgonomy is also based on the understanding that we contain the ability to heal ourselves. When this method is used by healers, they don't "heal", they release energy blocks, freeing up the body's energy to heal itself.


 How is biorgonomic treatment conducted?

After the diagnosis, when the obstructing sources are identified, the healer clears the energy fields connected to every part and place in need of healing until the body reaches a point where it can heal itself.

Biorgonomic treatment is so powerful and precise that it can be conducted from afar, meaning that the healer and patient don't have to be in the same room.

Biorgonomy is suitable for the treatment of (among others):

•Chronic fatigue, exhaustion

•Depression, low motivation



•Mononucleosis (Mono)

•Chronic back / knee pain

•Lack of / excessive appetite.

•Menopausal symptoms


Biorgonomic treatment can be combined as a treatment method, advanced diagnosis tool and a tool for life. Biorgonomic treatment works in a precise manner on all obstructions: physical, emotional, energetic and helps prevent the stagnation of traumas so that the patient feels open and flowing

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