Bio- Energy

Bio-Energy is based on the realization that every living body has energy forces that are crucial to their proper functioning


Biorgonomy refers to the advanced method developed by Rafi Rozen which is based on Wilhelm Reich's bio-energetic researches

Body\Mind\Energy Balancing

Body\Mind\Energy Balancing is a general term for a wide variety of treatments that combine conversation and contact

Holistic Treatments for Premature Babies

Holistic Treatments for Premature Babies is about strengthen the baby's immune system so that all its resources can be focused on the vital growth...

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a real pleasure for both the body and the soul...

Holistic Treatments for Couples

People around the world wish for an intimate relationship and there is nothing quite similar to the feeling of love experienced by two individuals...

Reiki- the internal power of healing

Reiki is not only a healing and treatment system, it is first and foremost a way of life...

Energy Treatments for Animals

Household pets are man's best friends. Sometimes it seems like the deep and direct connection is mostly based on a wordless relationship...

Holistic Treatments for Babies and Children

Holistic treatment provides parents with tools such as contact and compassionate communication that will help the child's development...

Treatments for Teenagers

We are all familiar with the phrase "This is the best time of your life; you'll miss it one day..."


In folk medicine it is customary to use parsley to treat different infections, such as urinary tract infections and kidney stones