What is the treatment's purpose?


As part of my work with patients I use a variety of methods which I adjust according to every individual patient, their unique needs and the type of treatment they require.


The treatment is meant to enable the patient to create practical tools in order to deal with difficulties, feel healthy and whole, grow and develop in areas they find challenging or blocked, whether these difficulties are emotional or physical.


About the Treatments


Holistic Treatments for Premature Babies

Treatment using unique methods that combine contact and energy treatment while strengthening the bond between mother and child.


Holistic Treatments for Babies and Children

Treatments specially tailored to children and adolescents with a focus on the specific difficulties common to these ages, such as asthma, growing pains and allergies.


Holistic Treatments for Couples

Treatment that is designated for couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship.


Treatments for Teenagers

Treatment that is suitable for teens and problems such as attention disorders, back pain, hormonal imbalance and moodiness.


Treatments for Animals

Treatments for traumas, recovery from injuries or accidents, psychological problems and the connection between owners and their pets.