Patients Write

Dafna, mother to Sharon, 1.5 year old.


"Dear Dana, January of 2008 was supposed to be the happiest time of my life, my husband and I were expecting the birth of our first child.

But fate interceded and we gave birth to a tiny, 600 gram premature baby girl in November of 2007.

I lay in the hospital, completely overwhelmed as my little girl lay in Premature Intensive Care in critical condition while the doctors weren't optimistic to say the least. The woman in the bed beside me turned to me and gently suggested I try something else. "You can always despair or give up, right?" she said and I listened to her, though I must admit it was out of despair.

She suggested I talk to someone who specializes in Biorgonomic treatments (not that I knew what that was), gave me your phone number and recommended you.

You arrived at the hospital and I could immediately see in your eyes that all you wanted was to get to the baby as soon as possible. You fought for her life like a lioness, as if she were your own child.

I know very little and you must know much more of everything you did there with Sharon.

Thanks to you (even though you insist it's thanks to us and thanks to the will of a child who knew she wanted to live), Sharon is now a healthy and well functioning two year old, laughing, healthy, happy and attending nursery-school just like other kids her age.

I want to thank you and bless you for coming into our life, and still being part if to this day, for continuing to treat Shraon, me and my family, with love and dedication

What you've done for us will not be forgotten.


With much love,



John and Amy, Ryan's parents, Canada


John and Amy are Canadian citizens who spend long periods of time in Israel.

Their 7 year old son, Ryan, was born with a number of congenital disorders: Spinal Bifida (severe Scoliosis), Hydrocephalus (an accumulation of fluid in the brain) as well as severe Scoliosis of the legs and full paralysis of the extremities.

Ryan came to me after I was recommended to his father by a co-worker.

Due to Ryan's disabilities, I go to their house in the Sharon, and I am also amazed by his progress.

A happy boy who is able to move his arms and legs, Ryan's parents say he's much calmer after treatment, breathes better and is visibly improving after just 4 months of treatment.



Anat, 21


"Dear Dana,

When I first came to see you I didn't know what to expect.

When I walked into the room you were sitting in and saw you, I immediately knew I was in the right place: Your calming presence and the quiet strength radiating from you allowed me to feel secure and I was able to open up. I found myself telling you everything that hurt me: parents, home, the difficulty fitting into a framework and social group, especially not being happy without knowing why.


You asked me a few general questions about my situation while examining using energy, and then you began the physical treatment.

The treatment was unlike anything I'd ever experienced: when you touched me in certain places I started crying and released pain I had felt for a long time.


I left the treatment shocked by what had happened: stronger, encouraged and feeling as if I were floating. Mostly, I felt much better, less unusual and as though there is someone who understands me. I started coming to you for treatments regularly, about once a month, slowly peeling back the layers and learning to know and accept myself more and more. My biggest difficulties were eating disorders and the way I treated my body. As you know, it took me a long time before I was able to admit to you and to myself that this difficulty existed.


Together we started investigating to figure out what was going on, what was there. Every treatment was different, according to my feeling that day, some treatment sessions were more verbal and less focused on the body, others were more of a physical therapy with less talking, while others simply combined talking, energy and physical work.

All according to what I was going through and how I felt at the time.


Throughout the process I rediscovered myself every time, lessons I received alone the way taught me about myself, especially how to listen to myself, be honest and true, look inside and examine what is goo and what is bad for me, who I am and what I want, identify my truth and find my path. The tools I acquired throughout this process now give me the opportunity to solve everyday problems that come my way as well as more substantial problems from a place of confidence, strength and independence. I learned I have the strength and abilities to deal with them myself.


My transformation since that day is monumental.


I don't think I would have gotten to where I am today without you. You are so much to me- healer, big sister, friend and guide.


The gift I've received from you is me- I've rediscovered myself.


Thank you Dana!"





"Dearest Dana


I want to thank you personally for the beautiful treatment that you gave me. You were able to show me the true place I was in and allowed me to open myself and feel safe and comfortable to do so. You have a special gift and you see and touch things in an honest and deep way.
Thank you Dana so much for being such a beautiful person and therapist.
Lots of Love to you and your family,





Dear Dana,

How can I explain the ways our cat has changed.

She was traumatized and always scared of people,she'd run away whenever someone walked in.

After the treatment she simply calmed down and can now sit on different people and easily come close to them.

It's absolutely incredible, she's like a new cat. This was completely thanks to your treatment so thank you very much dearest Dana, on behalf of myself and Yam Yam.


Dearest Dana,

My cat Tultul was always stressed out.

She was afraid of everything, even her own shadow. The slightest movement in the house made her jump. She used to hide under the sofa every time she heard a noise from outside (she still does this, but a lot less frequently).

Two days after your treatment I travelled abroad, what would have been a very traumatic experience for her, but I was happy to hear that everything was fine and she was calm.

When I returned, I immediately felt a significant difference- Tultul is a lot friendlier with strangers, devotes herself more readily to people she knows and most importantly- she's much calmer. Even my friends say they notice a difference! I feel as if I got a different cat, an amazing cat that's fun to be around! Thank you very much dearest Dana.


Keren and Tultul