Holistic Therapy

As part of my work with patients I use a variety of methods which I adjust according to every individual patient, their unique needs and the type of treatment they require.


The treatment is meant to enable the patient to create practical tools in order to deal with difficulties, feel healthy and whole, grow and develop in areas they find challenging or repressed, whether these difficulties are emotional or physical.


My belief and guideline is that the tools necessary to enjoy one's life journey and fulfill one's purpose all exist within each and every person.


The treatment begins with a diagnosis which is carried out through dialogue and with a Biorgonomic diagnosis, a method that examines the energetic status according to blinking. After the diagnosis the body treatment usually begins; according to the patient's needs, a therapeutic process is created which comprises of a number of sessions that combine Guided Imagery techniques, sub-conscious communications, diet adjustments and Bach flower remedies 


Bio Energy

Bio-energy is a method based on Wilhelm Reich's research that considers the orgone to be the basic energy unit of life. The method includes contact and treatment of the different systems of the body (bones, digestive, blood etc.) to create balance and harmony in the body, soul and spirit.



A diagnosis, treatment and healing technique discovered and developed by Rafi Rosen based on examining the energetic level through the eyelids.


Using this method, one can diagnose diseases, wounds, traumas at a cellular level and treat them on the deepest energetic levels.


In addition, the method is used to check the energetic compatibility between a person and their environment (is the food one eats right for them, is the area one lives in right for them, etc.).


These methods - Biorgonomy and Bio Energy complement each other and combine the treatment of both the body and the spirit.



Rei – the universal life energy.
Ki- the life energy in our bodies.

The meanings of these words show us that the life energy is present everywhere and in everything around and within us.


Reiki is a 3,000 year old natural healing system that originated in Tibet.

The system was meant to stimulate the life energy within us and in doing so, create and balance our systems: soothe and strengthen the body and soul, improve human relationships and more.


Reiki works on two major systems:


The physical body- the endocrinology system which is visible.

The energetic body- our energetic system made up of chakras which can be sensed.

The two combined create the whole body.


Body\Mind\Energy Balancing

 A combination of methods and tools including conversation; sub-conscious communication; work with different parts of the personality; habit changing; release from emotional baggage and emotional blocks; improving the internal systems' functioning, especially the nervous system, immune system and hormonal system in an attempt to act freely in life, out of freedom of choice,  while listening to one's inner voice.


The emotional treatment is an invitation to a fascinating journey to one's self, to one's emotional, rational and spiritual world while meeting one's self.


In addition to these methods, which are the basis of every treatment, there are other therapy techniques I use when necessary: healing, Bach Flower remedies, healthy nutrition, compassionate communication, guided imagery and more.




Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a real pleasure for both the body and the soul.

Similarly to any massage system, it treats the tensions and stress that accumulate in

the muscles and provides physical relief and a pleasant sensation. However,

in addition to the medical-physical massage, the holistic massage also heals the soul.


Holistic massage gives patients the space to express themselves through their body

and they can be aware of needs that arise during the massage, such as pain

on the physical or emotional level.


Holistic massage, like any other holistic treatment, addresses the body, mind and soul as a single unit. Listening to the body and treating the physical stresses will improve a patient's emotional and mental functioning as well as help prevent diseases and physical problems

so that our life circle remains vital, open and flowing.


Guided Imagery

A technique that connects the patients to the great powers of the sub-consciousness and enables them to accept insights, healing and messages from their inner world: the soul's world uses the language of images, colors and visuality. Guided imagery is an extremely powerful tool for creating personal growth, changing life habits and creating a health life style.


Bach Flower Remedies

A system based on Dr. Eduard Bach's findings that flowers contain substances that once extracted, can cure illness. Each patient is diagnosed and accordingly receives a formula made up of one or more Bach flower extracts.

The formula is usually taken for a few days or weeks, depending on the case.


Bach Flower remedies are used, among other things, to treat cases such as: stress, lack of concentration and depression.