My name is Dana Hasenson Yahav, I am 42 years old, married , mother of three and I live in London, United Kingdom.


I am a Reiki master and holistic therapist. I specialize in a variety of methods and tools: Reiki, Bio-Energy, Healing, Body\Mind\Energy Balancing, Bach flower remedies, Guided Imagery,Tarot cards and more.


In 1999, at the age of 20, I began my journey when I received a gift from my mother – a Reiki course with Yehudith Gruber, my first teacher and instructor who introduced me to the spiritual world. The deep insights and acknowledgment of the healing and cosmic power I received during the course opened up a whole new world for me:


I was reminded that my intuition and healing ability had been a part of who I really was, ever since my early childhood. A brand new world was unlocked for me, my point of views and attitudes towards the world changed and I began to feel the powers and processes behind things on a deeper consciousness level.

I continued my Reiki studies and graduated at a Master level.


In 2000 I began my studies of Body\Mind\Energy Balancing and Guided Imagery at Reidman College. I graduated after 5 intense years during which I acquired many skills from various teachers.

I met an incredible teacher and instructor, Lus Nawai, and studied Bio-Energy and Biorgonomy therapy with her for a number of years, during which I was exposed to unique techniques and knowledge in these fields.


While constantly learning and growing, I currently treat as well as train future Reiki therapists. I treat using a range of methods for Body\Mind\Energy Balancing concerning all areas of life – physical, emotional and spiritual,

In my treatments, I combine consulting, contact, energy treatment and Bach flower remedies. These tools allow me to diagnose and heal different emotional and physical difficulties.


I consider it an honor and a privilege to provide patients with tools to deal with their difficulties and stimulate their inner strength, enabling them to lead an independent, healthy and balanced life style.